How can I help Family Promise?

Family Promise of Ouachita operations are solely funded
through community support and foundation grants. We
accept no federal or state funds, and this is why we need
local supporters. Here are some opportunities for you to
partner in our mission.

Transitional Housing

We have 2 transitional homes which serve as a bridge to permanent housing for our families. This allows them more time to save and plan.

These are available to our families because of generous
donations of these homes by members of the community.
Contact us if you would like to donate a home to
help us serve these families.


Daily Needs

You can donate to Family Promise of Ouachita in three ways:

1. Monetary Donations


 Become a Club 365 Member today! For just
$1.00 a day you can help Family Promise put an
end to homelessness here in our community.

Any size donation would be appreciated!

Donations can be made through checks, PayPal,
through our website, and with cash.

2. In-Kind Donations

Cleaning, toiletry, and school supplies

New starter kits for families moving into their homes

3. Volunteer Opportunities

  • Office volunteers to answer phone, input data, and assist in daily functions of the shelter

  • Assist with our fundraising committee

  • Professional volunteers to assist with:

              --> Parenting Classes

              --> Budgeting Classes

              --> Counseling

              --> Haircuts

              --> Dental Work

              --> Family Photos

              --> Lawn Care 

"I alone cannot change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." -Mother Teresa

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